VidEX on Tour


27 September 2022 IMST Meeting in Austria

VidEX has overcome national borders and we were very pleased to be invited to give an impulse lecture and workshop at the subject didactics day of the specialist group “Biology and Environmental Education”.

Our focus was, of course, on “Audiovisual Media in Biology Teaching” and we gave a variety of suggestions for the use of interactive videos in research-based learning.

14 September 2022 MNU State Congress 2022 (Lower Saxony)

After a long break and finally back in presence: On 14 September 2022, we were present with a lecture on the topic “Using videos to support and design research-based learning in biology lessons” at the specialist conference of the MNU Lower Saxony state association.

The core of the lecture was formed by tools and concepts for video design as well as practical examples for the use of videos in research-based learning.


29 September – 01 October 2021 Inclusion Digital – Opportunities and Challenges of Inclusive Education in the Context of Digitalisation

As part of a symposium on “Digitally supporting inclusive experimentation in science teaching”, we gave a presentation on the topic of “Designing differentiated learning paths in science research with experimental videos”. We presented possible applications of experimental videos for the design of differentiated learning paths in the process of scientific knowledge.

13-16 September 2021 International Meeting of the Section of Biology (FDdB in VBIO)

VidEX participated in the FDdB from 13 to 16 September 2021 with a contribution to the forum “Science and School” under the title “Many Ways One Goal – Using Experimentation Videos to Promote Science Competences (in the Upper School) in a Differentiated Way”.

Based on the presented conceptions of the VidEX experiment videos, the accompanying materials and practical experiences with the piloting of selected videos, the constructivist use of videos for experimenting in science lessons was discussed in the lecture.

11.06.2021 Digital NAWigation of Inclusion

VidEX was part of the conference “Digital NAWigation of Inclusion”. Within our keynote presentation, Dr Lisa Stinken-Rösner introduced VidEX as a strand of “current route planning”. Together with Dr Monique Meier, they also represented VidEX via a poster presentation.
You can find out how VidEX can support designing differentiated, science lessons in the context of experimentation on our poster.