Videos are a teaching/learning tool for both the teacher and the learner, through which content is visualised and abstracted. That’s why our VidEX team is not only active behind the scenes. We are also regularly represented at events and conferences – whether digitally or on-site.
At these events, we mainly want to show how the use of (experimental) videos can support teachers in inquiry-based learning.

In addition to the development of experimental videos and materials for the modules, the dissemination of conceptual foundations, teaching ideas and research findings is very important to us. Therefore, we also regularly work on publications to share our findings.

VidEX on Tour

Here you will find all past, present and future events in which VidEX has participated or will participate.


Here you will find all the publications that have been produced as part of “VidEX – Experimental Videos for Teaching and Learning”.

Suggestions? Ideas? Feedback?

Do you have any other suggestions or ideas for exciting experimental videos? We would love to hear about them! Are you interested in helping to develop the future accompanying material for the modules based on your expertise and practical experience? Then please get in touch with us! We would also be happy to receive brief feedback on the practicality and usefulness of our experimental videos for teaching and learning in your lessons.