The way to the VidEX experiment video

You or your learners can become video producers yourself! Many scientific phenomena can also be discovered at home and explored on the kitchen table with everyday materials. We will be happy to support you in producing your own experimental videos and give you an insight into our productions. What should you consider when making an experimental video – simply experimenting and filming? How can the content or the central events in the video best be presented and followed by the viewer? In answering these and other questions, we go into the content and techniques of the experimental video in the tutorials provided here.

Let us inspire you and share your experiences in using the tutorials with us!

In this first tutorial, we explain what is worth paying attention to when running an experiment in a video. The content addresses two dimensions, which makes the tutorial very versatile. On the one hand, we go into the design laws of demonstration experiments and transfer them to the production of experimental videos. On the other hand, the tutorial naturally involves experimentation and thus implicitly implements the scientific procedure for experimenting

Effervescent tablet experiment available!

You will find the appropriate, technically correct experiment video for investigating the solubility of effervescent tablets on our website! This can be used for comparison with the execution of the experiment in the tutorial and/or with your own experiment videos.

Possible uses for Tutorial 1

Quality characteristics of experimental videos

From the tutorial, quality characteristics of experimental videos can be derived, weighted differently and observed even in the production of an experimental video, as well as applied to the evaluation of experimental videos.

Phases to the experimentation process

With the experiment implemented in the tutorial to investigate the solubility of effervescent tablets, the phases of the experimental process up to data evaluation can be worked out and exemplified.

Carrying out the experiment

The design and implementation of the experiment in the tutorial is not carried out properly in some places. These “mistakes” can be identified, reflected upon and better implemented in your own execution of the experiment.

Suggestions? Ideas? Feedback?

I’m sure you can think of other ways to integrate it into (distance) learning. We would love to hear about them! Are you interested in helping to develop the future accompanying material for the tutorial based on your expertise and practical experience? Then please contact us! We would also be happy to receive brief feedback on the practicality and usefulness for teaching and learning in your lessons.